A Program for hardworking
people like you

At BuyHouseEZ we know you are a hard worker ITIN person who wants to be a homeowner. But to be a homeowner you need a home loan. The problem is that banks ask for a good credit score, which makes you feel like renting is your only option. We believe everybody deserves a place to call home and we understand building a credit score is not an easy job. That is why at BuyHouseEZ we do not check credit.

Here is how it works; Apply with us and get approved. Find the house you like. And finally we setup you up on a loan. So you can stop renting and start owning.

Must-Have Documents for your homebuying adventure

Work History

Proof of income for the last 2 years for either self- employed or W2.

Rent History

Proof of rent for the last 2 years.

ID Issued by the government

Any government -issued ID. International ID's also qualify.

Tax Returns

Have filed Federal Tax returns for the past 2 years.

ITIN or Social Security Number

Don't have an SSN? We've got you covered! You can also get approved with just an ITIN.

10% Down Payment

Have you saved for your home? With a 10% down payment, You're one step closer to your new home.