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The family of BuyHouseEZ is always thinking about how to improve our services to our clients, this is why we decided to open this new section where you could find weekly articles related to the world of real estate, how to prepare yourself to face the buying, all the process of asking for the loan and how to get the approval, all the choices you have, find opportunities, the best advice, among the other interesting subjects.

Buying a house is a very stressful process if you are not prepared for all the inconveniences that might emerge. Only knowledge and a good patient attitude will allow you to get through with a smile on your face, knowing you´ll make the right decisions.

In BuyHouseEZ believe in supporting all our readers no matter the path they choose, to us the most important thing is to get to help chronicle renters that want to become owners of a house, so this is why this section will touch different themes, no matter if they are not directly related to our own loans.

Even we will give you options to have in mind after you accomplish the purchase, we know that the moving and the first months are always of repairs trying to take advantage of any benefit or a good idea that could come across.


So take your time to check this new section and enjoy learning all we have for you, these are easy and fresh readings to help you understand everything you need to know while having a good time, and remember now that you want to become a homeowner,  maybe is not going to be an easy path but is completely accomplishable, just have to make the right decisions and be constant in your actions, don’t hurry but don´t stop, we will be here to help you.

In the labyrinth of homeownership, the mortgage in Spanish process stands as a pivotal chapter; often laden with intricate terms and conditions. For Spanish speakers navigating this terrain in

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