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BuyHouseEZ Makes Home Buying More Accessible

A New Path to homeownership

Have you always wanted to own a home and build wealth? Do you feel like the banking system and lending bureaucracy is too limiting, confusing, and inconvenient? Stop Renting. Start Owning.

BuyHouseEZ illuminates a new path to homeownership for hardworking families who have the desire and financial ability to own the home of their dreams.

The EZ guide to homeowning

BuyHouseEZ Way

We make homebuying EZ, like it should be. No banks, no bureaucracies.
Our process was made for people just like you.


Speak to one of our representatives to discuss your timeline, goals, and budget.


Discover the perfect dream home, hand-selected by you!


Become a homeowner and feel the freedom and pride that comes with owning a place that is truly yours.

Stop Renting. Start Owning.

By choosing to own a home, you not only have a place to call your own, but you are also generating value in real estate and creating a legacy for your family. If you’ve been a lifelong renter, your monthly rent check goes into the pocket of your landlord. Imagine if instead, you could put that money back towards an investment in your future.

By owning a home, you create:

buy a house Indianapolis

A Home that Works for You

buy a house Indianapolis

Your Own Piece of the American Dream

buy a house Indianapolis

Legacy for Your Family and Children

buy a house Indianapolis

Enriching yourself instead of your landlord

Uncomplicating Homeownership

How it Works

BuyHouseEZ changes the way homes are financed. Instead of using banks, credit scores, and other limiting factors, we help qualified homebuyers create a direct pathway to homeownership.


BuyHouseEZ will guide you through a simple qualification process

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Find the perfect home that fits your needs and lifestyle


Become a homeowner in no time

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Calculate your monthly your home loan and monthly payment options based on your current financial situation with the BuyHouseEZ home loan and payment calculators

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We love turning lifelong renters into lifelong owners. Let’s see if we’re a good match.

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What people say about us

Eric Navarro
Eric Navarro
I would strongly recommend this company to anyone. Teresa and Ricardo and the team made this process very understandable and easier than I thought. We are finally not paying someone else’s mortgage by renting we are paying our own. If you are struggling working with a bank for a mortgage give them a call they will do everything in their power to make your dreams of homeownership come true without giving you the runaround. They all deserve a five star rating!!!
Maria Flores
Maria Flores
I had a deal saved by Own EZ, I so much apreciate the prompness Teresa and her team responded with and how fast they worked so my buyer could close on time. Also how smoth the whole process was. Thank you so much for all you do.
Leah cooper
Leah cooper
It's a simple and fast process, could apply even with poor credit and ITIN.
Miguel Rojas
Miguel Rojas
Very knowledgeable and understanding to buyers needs.
Gabriela Pitts
Gabriela Pitts
Efficient and hard working on every deal.
Loli Arriaga
Loli Arriaga
Todo es muy rápido y sencillo. El servicio al cliente es muy bueno, son muy amables y se puede pedir un préstamo solo con ITIN y sin buen historial de crédito. Super!
Benjamin Olivari
Benjamin Olivari
Muy buen servicio al cliente, el proceso es rápido y fácil de entender.