How to Apply for Government Help to Buy a House for the First Time?

government help to buy a house

Surely the idea of buying a house for the first time has been on your mind for a long time, But now that you have finally decided to take the big step, you wonder how to buy a house if you have never done it before. If, in addition to being a first-time buyer, you […]

Is it Possible to Buy Kansas City Houses this 2023?

Kansas city houses

You are correct if you dream that a perfect home in Kansas City is waiting for you in 2023. All you need is to get that engine running to achieve it, regardless of whether you are a first-time buyer or already an owner and want to change the house you have for one that really […]

What First Time Homebuyers Programs Are There Today?

first time homebuyers programs

On many occasions at BuyHouseEZ we receive calls asking for first time homebuyers programs; and although we have an excellent program for those people who want to buy a house and are not eligible for a conventional loan; many of them refer to those government programs that can help them. It is our policy to […]

How to Choose Michigan Houses for Sale if you are a Buyer?

michigan houses for sale

We all know that choosing among the Michigan houses for sale can be stressful. From the first moment that buying a property crosses your mind, you must consider choosing a house that you like and an excellent long-term investment. In addition, you should think about everything that is involved in acquiring a commitment like this. […]

Top 6 Tips for Choosing Houses in Missouri for Sale

houses in missouri for sale

For months you have had a thought that has been spinning in your head, you have been reviewing houses in Missouri for sale for weeks now. Since the last time your rent was raised, all you do is think about being able to buy a house. If this is your case, stay reading more because […]

How to Get in Georgia First Time Home Buyer Programs with ITIN?

Georgia first time home buyer programs

Obtain Georgia first-time home buyer programs with ITIN, and the rest of the States is becoming easier every time. One of the main challenges for us immigrants in the USA is to find good loans that suit our needs and our situation. Usually, the loans granted in this country and those with the best interest […]

Step by Step How to Get Loans With ITIN Number

Get Loans With ITIN Number

Certainly each more every day the loans with ITIN number are becoming more and more popular, the arrival of thousands of immigrants every day makes it more urgent to find a solution to the struggles, that come with the need from them of getting lendings to make their life better and achieve a better kind […]

Where Can I Get a Loan With ITIN?

Get a Loan With ITIN

All the Answers if you are Asking, Where Can I Get a Loan With ITIN? Every person who comes to USA should know all the things that could do with the ITIN. Many ask themselves: where can I get a loan with ITIN? And here we will answer that question and many more. As an […]