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More Customers,
More Closings

With BuyHouseEZ, you’ll reach customers who use ITIN, customers who struggle to qualify for a conventional mortgage, longtime renters. And you’ll earn a full commission on each deal.

Gaby Pitts.
Working with BuyHouseEZ is really great. The process is smooth and friendly, working with Teresa and Maya is always a joy! I've never had a deal go wrong with BuyHouseEZ.
Ciara Hernández.
Working with BuyHouseEZ was a great experience. They are very responsive and work fast. BuyHouse EZ gives me another option for financing to offer my clients. Instead of turning away potential home buyers this company allows me to give them another choice.
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BuyHouseEZ helps you grow your business

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Quick all cash closings

BuyHouseEZ’s clients are approved for a cash purchase, that makes your offers stronger, competitive and on top compared to other buyers, deals close quicker, and you are free to grow your business faster.

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Earn full commissions

You are the buyer’s agent for BuyHouseEZ’s approved client, you earn full commission in a fast, cash transaction.


Grow your business

BuyHouseEZ creates opportunities to grow your client base. You tap into a market that needs your services making a steady income every month with clients that couldn’t get approved before.


Do good for your community

The pride of homeownership was always at the foundation of the American dream, by helping longtime renters into a home, their situation improves in many ways, and the positive attributes reflects on their entire community, thanks to you!

BuyHouseEZ helps you grow your business


Our top performing agents close an average of 3 extra homes per month (yeah, per month!) with BuyHouseEZ


Top-performing agents generated over $80,000 each in commissions from BuyHouseEZ sales alone in 2021

90 seconds

Prequalification, evaluate if BuyHouseEZ program can help a longtime renter become a homeowner with a few simple questions

3-5 business days

Reverse Underwriting™ – With our unique Reverse Underwriting™ system we provide a final confirmation letter for a cash purchase (No additional loan application steps required)

14 business days

The short period from the time you made the cash offer on a home and the seller accepted until a quick cash closing (inspection & title work)

Close on more homes in just 3 steps.


Get your longtime renter client approved

90-second prequalification by asking a few simple questions..

3-5 business days Reverse Underwriting™- Proprietary underwriting to provide a cash purchase final confirmation letter.


Find the dream home for your long time renter client

Now that your client has the BuyHouseEZ final confirmation letter, take them home shopping for their dream home, you are ready to make a cash offer on a home within their budget.


Close more deals with all cash offers

Once your client finds their dream home, BuyHouseEZ buys it for cash and sell it on a loan to the buyer (on the same day). You represent the buyer in the transaction and earn your full commission.


When we close 5 deals together, regardless of whether those deals came from you or us, this is what you’ll get:


When we close 10 deals together, regardless of whether those deals came from you or us, this is what you’ll get:


When we close 20 deals together, regardless of whether those deals came from you or us, this is what you’ll get:

Partnering with BuyHouseEZ has been a great experience. Helping hard-working people who do not have many options to buy their home makes me feel confident that I am doing the right thing. This is the reason why I enjoy working with BuyHouseEZ.
José Gabriel Cueva.
With BuyHouseEZ I have been able to help several migrant families who always had the dream of having their own house. Thanks to their faith, perseverance, and BouHouseEZ they made it. They are now Homeowners!!!
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